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What is hidden under the term bachelor thesis

The bachelor thesis concludes the bachelor study program at universities. Its content, structure and structure is more demanding on the student’s professional knowledge compared to the requirements for other written works, such as seminar work or semestral work, as it is a final thesis that the student defends in front of a professional commission. The student thus confirms the acquired knowledge for the whole period of his / her studies, therefore the expertise of the bachelor thesis must be at a high professional level. The student chooses the topic of his / her bachelor thesis at his / her discretion and interests. With the guidance of the bachelor thesis, the bachelor thesis supervisor assigned to him is helping him. The student then submits the individual parts of the thesis for review, and if the supervisor has any requirements, then the student must follow them.

Formal adaptation of bachelor thesis

The bachelor thesis has a predetermined formal arrangement that must be followed. Thematic focus is usually determined by the school itself. As a rule, the dean of the school issues an instruction to elaborate a bachelor thesis, where a formal arrangement is marked. There is a recommended size of the bachelor thesis. Line spacing is reported in 1.5 size with block alignment. The size of the font used in the bachelor thesis is mostly used with the size of 12 points and the type of font is Times New Roman or Arial. In the whole bachelor thesis should be kept the same adjustment with the possibility to highlight important chapters or words. It is recommended to use decimal breakdown for the numbering of individual chapters. The Dean’s instruction (s) also contains a citation standard and other guidelines for adhering to citation ethics, including patterns for citing individual publications and other sources. Although ISO 690 and ISO 690-2 are binding on all schools, some colleges indicate the type of citation that is appropriate for which school to use. The guideline also lists the title pages. The extent of the thesis is usually in the range of 30 – 40 standard pages. The bachelor thesis also includes a graduate thesis, which is completed by a higher professional school or diploma thesis, which is completed by a university in a master’s or engineering study program. However, the thesis is more demanding in scope, but also in the student’s expertise and contribution. Unlike the bachelor thesis, it should always contain some own research or other benefit.

The content of the bachelor thesis

Each bachelor thesis must meet certain requirements. The most important is the scientific concept of the bachelor thesis and also the ability of the student to elaborate the given topic correctly. As far as expertise is concerned, any student working on a bachelor’s thesis should be able to process it to create a scientific work that respects the principles of scientific work. These principles include the use of professional literature, professional expressions, the ability to use the most active insight and a practical approach to bachelor’s work. It is also appropriate to incorporate the subjective opinions and opinions of the student into the bachelor thesis. However, it is necessary to clearly define such views and opinions in order to show that they are of their own. For this reason, the bachelor thesis must contain a note apparatus. In some cases, when a student takes over the greater part of the text of a particular author, he should ask the author to grant permission to take more text.

Structure of Bachelor Thesis

The bachelor thesis is structured into several parts. Includes introduction, status and conclusion. The introduction outlines the issues discussed and the goal of the work, which must be observed. The aim of the bachelor thesis can be set differently and is discussed with the bachelor thesis supervisor. It also explains why the student chose the topic for their bachelor thesis. The article is then divided into several main chapters and subchapters. All chapters and subchapters must logically follow each other. The bachelor thesis is divided into theoretical and usually also practical part, which can be omitted according to the agreement with the bachelor thesis supervisor. The theoretical part serves to discuss the theoretical knowledge, from which the student is based on the practical part of the thesis. The bachelor thesis thus represents a suitably compiled compilation of literature, other sources and own contribution. Part of the practical part of the thesis may be research. Here it is necessary to describe the methodology of data processing and information for what kind of research the student decided. In the practical and theoretical part of the thesis can be attached attachments in the form of pictures, tables or graphs related to the issue. At the end of the bachelor thesis, the information obtained is summarized and may be supplemented by additional information. It is usually stated here what the student has done in his / her bachelor thesis and can also outline other possible developments or recommendations for the future, which is evaluated positively. Bachelor thesis can also contain attachments placed at the end of the thesis, which are no longer included in the scope of the bachelor thesis. These are appendices that only marginally touch on the issues under investigation or larger-scale appendices.

Submission of bachelor thesis

The bachelor thesis is usually submitted at the end of the summer semester in advance of the final state exams. The date of submission of the thesis is set by the school itself. By defending the bachelor thesis and successfully passing the state final exams, the student obtains the Bc. or BcA – Bachelor of Arts. The bachelor thesis is submitted in hardcover, usually in three copies with enclosed CDs, which are used to check against possible plagiarism. The submitted bachelor thesis is directed to the supervisor of the thesis, the opponent of the bachelor thesis and the random selection is directed to control against plagiarism. The opponent is a specialist in the field in which the student has chosen a topic for the bachelor thesis. He is either assigned by the school or is chosen by the student himself. The outcome of the bachelor thesis is the evaluation of the supervisor and the evaluation of the opponent. In addition to the grade, there may be questions that the student can prepare in advance. During the defense of the thesis, the student answers these questions or is asked by the committee during the defense.