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What lies under the term rigorous thesis

A rigorous thesis is a thesis defended at the final state exam in so-called small “doctorates”, graduates of Doctor of Technology, Doctor of Laws, Doctor of Philosophy, and also includes medical academic degrees like Doctor of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and others. It is always a part of graduation with an academic degree after graduation. Graduates of undergraduate university studies in the field of study, which had to be approved by the Accreditation Commission, are involved in the thesis. Thus, a rigorous thesis is practically an intermediate step between the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees of university studies.

The procedure for writing a rigorous thesis

If you have a well-defended and thus well written diploma thesis, it is possible to come out of it or to follow it directly. Requirements for writing a thesis are very similar to writing a thesis, with the difference that when writing a diploma thesis there is a minimum of 60 pages under most colleges. In this work, the quality of the author is greatly signed and the work is of a high standard. Each university has requirements for rigorous work in accordance with the amended wording of Act No. 111/1998 Coll., On Higher Education, §46, para. 5. However, there are also own rigorous orders that differ somewhat in some areas. When writing a rigorous thesis, unlike the diploma thesis, the use of foreign literature is expected. A rigorous thesis as well as a diploma, bachelor or seminary is written in the first or third person of the singular and it is necessary to stick to the writing of the whole work.

Advanced Master’s thesis defense

Therefore, the thesis is about the author’s high knowledge not only about the topic but also about the overall orientation in the whole study. As is the case with bachelor’s or master’s theses, the rigorous thesis must be well defended, the defense is part of the final exam. In this case, the author’s knowledge is expected to be of a high standard and, last but not least, proves his extensive independence. The defense examines whether the author of the rigorous thesis has exhausted enough information on the subject. The defense is the same as for the bachelor, diploma or dissertation theses. This thesis is submitted in both printed and electronic form as well as in bachelor, master and dissertation theses.